The Fleurier Quality Foundation announces today the creation of a Laboratory, the FQFLab, open to the whole of the Swiss watchmaking industry.


Introducing Swiss watchmaking to a new dimension in horological control
FQFLab, Fleurier Quality Foundation

FQFLab - A new service provided by the Fleurier Quality Foundation

10 years of expertise and know-how : this is what the Fleurier Quality Foundation has achieved through its service to the partnering brands, the development of an equipment that is unique in the world, its collaboration with the Official Swiss Chronometer Control (COSC) and the Dubois Laboratory, owners of the procedure and brand Chronofiable®.

The certification that it delivers, which is the most strict and complete of the whole watchmaking industry, didn’t fail to arouse the interest and curiosity of the watchmaking world. The requests to benefit from the foundation’s technical prowess are becoming more numerous by the day.

Taking this growing interest into account, the Foundation announces today the creation of a Laboratory, the FQFLab, open to the whole of the Swiss watchmaking industry. Through its unique equipment, the FQFLab will answer any request for testing, analysis and controls, but without certification. The latter will remain exclusive to the QF Label – Qualité Fleurier which is delivered to products of the Foundation’s partnering brands.

With FQFLab, the concerned parties will benefit from unique services, through the means of the simulators of wearing conditions, as well as through new equipment acquired recently. For instance, the winding velocity and power reserve of automatic watches will finally be determined in a repeatable way and in the real wearing conditions of a calm wearer, an active or very active one, or with a personalized profile. The results of these technical constructions and digital simulations will hence be closely monitored.

The precision of the watch will be determined on variable lengths of time and in determined as well and reproducible wearing conditions. Moreover, very soon there will be new devices embarked on the dynamic simulators which will allow continuous control, in wearing conditions, of the operating, the amplitude, and by video the behavior of the balance spiral as well as the kinetics of the oscillating mass.

With FQFLab, the Fondation Qualité Fleurier introduces Swiss watchmaking to a new dimension in horological control which compliments the certifications that it delivers. We are convinced that this process will arouse the greatest interest and will contribute to further improving the quality of « Swiss Made » watchmaking products to the consumers’ greatest satisfaction.

Laboratory service for the Swiss watchmaking industry


Fleurier Quality Foundation
Robotic Wear Simulator

Wear Simulator

The robotic wear simulator recreates the movements of a nycthemeral cycle, alternating between active phases and calmer ones. Variations in rate are analysed by means of an image capture system using digital cameras.
Fleurier Quality Foundation

Fleurier Quality

The Fleurier Quality Foundation has been making its mark in the area of watchmaking certification thanks to its stringent criteria : specialised journalists have called this certification "the most comprehensive and difficult test in the entire watchmaking industry".

A new dimension in horological control

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